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Solutions for pain, posture, injury recovery, and embodied living

How Does It Feel?  


Satisfying and effective!  The myth that Rolfing has to be painful to be effective is not true, at least not in my practice.  My preference is to work in the way that will feel most useful to you.  Clients typically report that Rolfing feels like satisfying deep pressure. There are many times, especially when working with inflamed tissue, the work may even feel very gentle.  Clients' level of comfort during the sessions is always respected and the work should never feel anything more than intensely pleasurable.


A Typical Session...


Rolfing sessions last 75 minutes.  Clients are usually more active in the Rolfing process than with other types of bodywork.  The work becomes more effective as clients participate in ways such as performing specific movements or placing attention their internal experience.   Some of the biggest take-aways from sessions happen when clients turn their attention inward to truly feel the effects of the work and their moment-to-moment sensations.  Typical Rolfing attire for men and women can be their regular underwear or something like short, loose fitting gym or yoga wear.  Access to skin is great but your level of comfort is more important.  




1 session - $200 


5 sessions prepaid - $180 ea.  ($100 savings)


10 sessions prepaid - $170 ea. ($300 savings)


Payment can be made by cash, check, credit card including HSA's, and cash transfer apps like Venmo, SqaureCash, and Paypal.  Packages do not expire, can be transferred, and are non-refundable. 


Cancellations require 24 hrs notice to avoid incurring the full session fee. 


If you are experiencing financial hardship and/or the full fee is unattainable for you, please let me know as a siding scale fee can be available on a case-by-case basis.

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