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Solutions for pain, posture, injury recovery, and embodied living

“I came back to Rolfing this time to get relief from numbness and tingling in my hands.  After 3 sessions with Michael, the problem has disappeared.  I have had sessions with several different Rolfers over the past 20 years.  I never met Dr. Rolf, but out of all the Rolfers I have ever received work from, she’d be the most proud of Michael.”


- Theresa Grodin

"I contacted Michael after almost three years of ongoing discomfort from an injury. This discomfort persisted despite regular treatment by a variety of body workers. After a relatively short regimen of treatment with Michael, not only has that issue resolved, but I'm also finding a new freedom of movement and, with that, an even greater enjoyment of each day.  Michael's holistic approach, provided within an environment that makes me feel welcome, safe, and upbeat, has been beyond expectation.  I wish all my friends and students would consult with him."


- Bill Dorigan

“My introduction to Rolfing was through the standard 10-session course. I saw major improvements in my posture and made good progress concerning range of motion issues and pain that I experience as a result of years of running and Tae Kwon Do. I was introduced to Michael just over a year ago, and have continued to make progress. I appreciate that he pushes the state-of-the-art with new techniques and equipment that seems to result in quicker results with less pain than traditional methods. He also has an uncanny ability to zero in on my problems and get results! He is both knowledgeable and professional, and dedicated to his clients.”


- C. Habig

“Michael's work is clear and concise.  He is very caring in his manner and approaches his work with enthusiasm, expertise and grace.  I'm deeply appreciative of his skill and awareness in tending to my needs as a client and highly recommend him as a master in his field of Rolfing.” 


- LuAnne Sugar

“I've suffered for many years from neck problems, and have seen my symptoms range over time from the nuisance level to debilitating pain. I sought advice from medical specialists, tried several prescription medications, a number of different physical therapy treatments, massage, chiropractic adjustments, acupuncture, and Rolfing in various combinations for over a decade. But after seeing Michael for only a few months, I am almost entirely pain free. His up-to-the-minute knowledge of the discipline, his intuitive ability to find the source of physical problems, his caring manner, and the unparalleled results he's helped me achieve make Michael the best Rolfing practitioner I have ever been to.”


- A. Rover, Ph.D.

I had a course of treatment with Michael for about 14 weeks last winter and spring.  I was quite debilitated with specific pain when I arrived in his office.  He focused on that specific area first and then moved around to other parts of my body from there.  I tell people I had my complaint worked on one time and have never felt it again.  I have really noticed even more improvement since I forced myself to stop going to see Michael.  (I really feel that good after his sessions.)    


- Kyle Ferrell 

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