Rolfing Structural Integration is a sophisticated and effective form of hands-on therapy and movement education. Its goal is to create structural, functional and energetic changes within the body that help free mind, body and spirit from limitations, injury and pain.

Rolfing works to bring higher levels of function, efficiency, balance, and strength to the body’s posture and movement patterns by improving joint alignment, increasing range of motion, evoking inner body awareness, and establishing body-wide coordination and continuity of movement. 

For over 45 years, people have been coming to Rolfing to get relief form the internal postural strains that drive most acute and chronic pain including:

low back pain

neck tension


poor posture

recurring athletic injuries

impaired mobility and balance

Others seek to maximize performance in athletics or exercise, speed rehabilitation or enhance their personal growth.

As we accumulate injuries, accidents, illnesses, limiting beliefs, repetitive movements and habitual postures we compromise our ability to stay vertically balanced and more energy is required for daily life.  Pain and dysfunction often soon follow as this extra energy expenditure takes away from the more vital functions of circulation, digestion, tissue repair, etc. 

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Since the body is better balanced and more energized after Rolfing, clients experience reduced levels of acute and chronic pain and higher levels of physical, mental and emotional vitality.
Rolfing helps bodies feel stronger, straighter, better balanced, healthier and more enjoyable.
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